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Why Replace your Menu boards to Digital Menu Boards?

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Increase sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling

Influence customers purchase decisions by promoting your daily specials, or items based on inventory level

Eliminate unnecessary printing costs and distribution delays

Entertain, inform, and reduce perceived wait times

Attract customers with eye-catching powerful images, animations & videos

Easily add, edit, and delete items, prices, specials & more within minutes

Improve communication between you and your customers

Manage one or multiple locations from your own office/home PC

Digital Menu Board Software

Digital menu boards replace traditional backlit restaurant menu boards using digital menu software. We have designed our software to work specifically for digital menu board (DMB) applications. If you wish to have a menu that will change according to the time of day, giving you flexibility over breakfast, lunch and dinner items, you have come to the right place. Digital Menu boards reduce the cost of printing Advanced menu board technology offers engaging content which is better suited for catching the eyes and attention of those waiting to be served. DMBs can increase product sales by promoting specific menu items. This has been proven, in some cases, to lift sales above 25%. If you would like, you can even combine digital with static backlit displays for a completely unique experience. Digital menus make the customer experience more lively and memorable. Menu boards can be used in quick serve restaurants, doughnut shops, bars, and coffee shops as a way to increase sales, improve ambiance, and streamline business operations. If you are interested in hardware and software solutions to install a dynamic digital menu board system or would like more information feel free to contact us.

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Digital Menus!

Enhance your current menus for your restaurant with a digital menu board by Bigidea Digital. Digital menus are more than just an eye-catching addition to your restaurant; they are a cost-effective digital solution that produces a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue. With an easy to use, web-based content management interface you can quickly make changes to promotional items, menu options, and messaging to turn your digital menus into a revenue generating machine for your restaurant.

What will you get with Bigidea Digital’s digital menu boards?

You’ll get an eye-catching digital display for your restaurant, that immediately grabs the attention of your guests and is flexible and easy to use on the back-end. Want to promote a new menu item, but have the option to switch your messaging on the fly. Make the change in minutes. Want to be able to schedule special pricing based on time of day? Set a schedule so your digital signs will show custom messaging based on time of day and audience, saving you the trouble of manually making the updates. Want to control the digital menus at multiple restaurant locations? With BID’s web-based management interface, you can control menus at multiple restaurant locations from one centralized location with the click of a button.

What about cost?

BID offers several pricing models, making restaurant digital signage affordable for everyone. With package options that fit anyone’s budget, digital menus can be a reality for any restaurant. Additionally, keep in mind that BID’s digital menu system is non-proprietary, so we can use your existing hardware and save you the cost of buying new displays. If you don’t have existing hardware in your restaurant, we can help you source it through one of our multiple partners.

Still not sure about digital menus?

You have the option to start out with as many or as few digital displays in your restaurant as you want, with the option to easily add to your network at a later time. And, keep in mind that you don’t have to replace your current static menus to take advantage of the benefits of digital signage, use a digital display to supplement what you already have displayed in your restaurant. You won’t believe the impact that digital signage can have on your bottom line.

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What can digital menus do?

Boost the success of promotional items

Quickly and effectively grab the attention of your customers

Easily accommodate new nutritional info requirements

Decrease your printing costs

Quickly adjust to price changes and menu additions

Deliver employee messaging while the store is closed

Quick-casual food and entertainment demands quick-changing menus. Digital menus offer instant change capabilities, but food service professionals are realizing there is much more potential. Launching a digital menu improves your brand, enables instant in-store promotions, as well as media buying opportunities. Engaged customers are happy customers. Experts report that digital signage improves customer retention and boosts sales.

Bigidea Digital is the leader in Digital Menu technology and we are prepared to serve your needs. We are living in an era where technology is changing so quickly that it is only a matter of time before all menus are enhanced with this technology. Why not consider replacing traditional fixed menus and old-fashioned backlit boards with large high-definition LCD screens to feature delicious food and beverage menu options, customized welcome messages, daily specials, retail merchandise, and even media buying opportunities?

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Some of the advantages of digital menu boards include:

State-of-the-art graphics, animations and video with dynamic pricing capabilities

System is fully customizable to your 1950s-style look and feel

Ability to promote up-selling of bundles and new menu items

Increased revenue per customer

Content updates delivered via the Internet

Local, regional and network-wide price/menu changes available via the web

Matinee/evening menus can be automatically changed based on time of day, day of week, or special event

Displayed on large flat-LCD screen, digital menus will help drive food and beverage sales by adapting the menu content automatically at different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and by featuring different menu items or pricing based on customer demographics. Content and pricing are conveniently controlled from your corporate offices or locally by management. Our web-based technology also enables management of your digital menu from anywhere in the world, and allows us to fully support international expansion.

n addition to dynamic and engaging menu options, digital signage can feature live or recorded video, images and animation, and live data feeds such as news and weather. Menu boards can be fully customized to enhance and complement any theme or décor and can be integrated into existing POS systems.
With minimal support of your vendors and/or your neighboring businesses, your investment can go from the expense side of the ledger to the income side of the ledger very quickly Digital menus also represent an excellent branding and revenue-sharing opportunity for both your company and your franchisees/licensees.

We combineBigidea Digital’s creative power with our vast knowledge of how to use the restaurant and retail environments as an effective advertising medium, resulting in a powerful, appealing and motivating offering that engages, entertains and ultimately influences consumers, which will in turn build equity in your brand and increase sales. We also have our own in-house software and hardware and provide all the necessary training as well as ongoing technical and media sales support.