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Improving Campus-wide Communication with Digital Signage

Improving Campus-wide Communication with Digital Signage

Every day, more and more schools, colleges and universities are turning to digital signage to inform, educate and alert their campuses. Primarily deployed in common areas such as cafeterias, student lounges, libraries and facility lobbies, these communication networks provide a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and facility. Digital signage can help you visualize your message and break through the clutter of boring paper signage with a dynamic way to show event details, building directories, campus mapping, or simple announcements and alerts.

Inform, Educate and Communicate

Digital signage is helping educational institutions from K-12 to the university level achieve a variety of communications objectives more easily than ever before. What can digital signage do for your school?

Distribute basic announcements (alerts, holiday notices, logistical reminders) more easily

Post important visitor information like building directories, campus maps, and check-in procedures

Replace bulletin boards and paper signs that grab space but not attention

Highlight student and staff contributions and feature other information about your institution

The success of a digital signage network depends entirely on the content. By design, digital signage content must follow the institution’s overall business and marketing strategy. It must complement the other student-oriented activities of the campus. Content must be current, relevant, meaningful, interesting, motivating and evoke emotion in order to consistently draw the attention of the campus populace. Bigidea digital displays are easy to configure, boasts HD picture quality, and allows for the management of multiple display boards from one central location. That means your content can always change when it needs to, and unlike information on paper signs, it will never fray or be torn down.

Emergency Alerts at High Schools and Colleges

College and university campuses are not immune to the threats and events that challenge every local community – potential weather disasters and threats to personal safety are unhappily common occurrences that require appropriate action on campus. In times of crisis, these signage displays can be transformed into an emergency communication system, allowing staff to post visual alert messages quickly.

Lots of Content Options

Digital signage allows for the opportunity to celebrate the personality and achievements of everyone in your school community, without the information lingering too long and becoming old or worn-out.

Rotate student, faculty, and staff bios amidst your announcements and other information

Celebrate a big athletic win, academic milestone, or extracurricular event

Build excitement for upcoming field trips and school activities

Go beyond a simple donor plaque to tell a story about your benefactors, community partners, and alumni

Campus-wide Signage Network: A Revenue Source

Bigidea digital signage systems are not only affordably priced but also provide an additional revenue opportunity by offering prime advertising space for relevant vendors.

Food vendors for cafeteria displays

Publishing companies for your library or bookstore

With multiple rotating slides, integrate advertising space tastefully and make the decision to adopt digital signage even more economical

With several applications and excellent quality assurance, Bigidea digital signage is a low-cost, high-reward investment that can help your institution do more to engage its students, open up new funding opportunities, and raise its profile – both inside and outside of your school community.

Applaud Exemplary Students, Faculty and Donors

Every school has distinguished alumni, strategic business partners, and generous donors that help expand and improve the facility. Etched glass and wood plaques are nice, but become obsolete too soon. Interactive signage systems provide a higher-level experience that tells a story. Donors can use pictures and video to share information about their donation, why they gave and how the money was used to better the institution.

Deliver emergency alerts and public safety information

Show current weather, news and sports scores

Display information on accolades and awards Provide faculty training and safety videos

Reinforce school policies and encourage good conduct

Deliver news broadcasts produced by students or third parties

Show schedules and booking information for meeting rooms and shared classrooms

Provide wayfinding maps in the lobby and other high-traffic areas to assist new students, parents, and visitors

Keep students, teachers, and visitors informed about school or college events

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!