Pet Stores & Veterinarians

Redefining Petcare Communication!

Redefining Petcare Communication!

Digital signage can decrease confusion while efficiently guiding visitors through your facility with interactive building maps and facility directories. Advanced technology, like digital signage, helps differentiate your medical facility and is an attractive method to direct visitors to their destination while promoting health messages, upcoming events and classes, cafeteria menus and hospital specialties. Powerful technology, like Bigidea Digital’s digital signage software solution, allows you to control the majority of your visual messaging from one central location. Petcare Digital signage will drastically decrease the costs associated with printing static signs by giving you the power to transform your communication into eye-catching, dynamic digital messaging.

Tell customers about value-added services, like grooming and boarding

Deliver pet health tips, trivia, and photos

Promote upcoming specials and sales

Make the wait seem shorter by showing live TV and other content in your lobby or waiting area

Display employee training and safety videos

Broadcast emergency messages

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!