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Keep Visitors Engaged, Informed, and Entertained

Keep Visitors Engaged, Informed, and Entertained

Hotels offer one of the best opportunities to maximize the full potential of digital signage. Given the sheer amount of underutilized physical space within most hotels, along with their basic function as a transition point for visitors to a city or town, digital signage provides these establishments with a unique and creative way to boost revenues and reach more of their guests.

Use digital signs to improve visitor familiarity with hotel premises and local neighborhoods

Highlight luxury amenities such as top-level suites, spa facilities, room service, and other lucrative comforts

Become an advertising platform for nearby businesses and create an additional revenue stream

Digital signs can be put to work anywhere – in dining areas, lobbies and other waiting areas (such as the front desk or outside elevators), or even in personal rooms

Messages can be controlled from one central location and can be customized on a per-hotel or regional basis – meaning it's easy to keep content up-to-date and relevant

Digital signage can be placed in the lobby or hallways to direct guests to conference room locations, list restaurant hours, display special room promotions and incentive/frequent traveler program information. Value-added content may include promotions of hotel dining menus and specials, ads from local, partner businesses, weather, news and community events.

Small Costs, Big Benefits

The combination of high quality, comparatively low prices, and the opportunity to access new sources of profit will insure that digital signage becomes a worthy investment. Large hotel chains and smaller boutiques alike can benefit significantly from utilizing these crystal clear, user-friendly screens on even a limited scale.

Room Service

Menus make room service sound appealing, but in-room digital signage adds a visual component that is even harder to resist. Add pictures to room service menus and combine them with promotional information and fun facts about your city or town to create a compelling display that will blend into your hotel rooms.

Advertising Network

Hotels are the central gathering location for hundreds – if not thousands – of visiting consumers who will spend their money at the businesses that can get their attention first. Hotel digital signage is an advertising opportunity for these businesses, and a moneymaking opportunity for hotels that utilize it. Using an intuitive, easy-to-use software and content management system, hotels can deliver value-added promotions, partner advertising and announcements throughout their facilities.

Promote local restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment

Update content easily to reflect the latest grand openings or highlight the most exclusive local hangouts – no lead time on waiting for posters to print or DVD displays to finish being prepared

Take advantage of a tasteful and captivating format that will allow you to display more ad content than you would otherwise. While excessive paper advertisements can seem tacky and are an inefficient use of space and resources, digital displays get people's attention and can rotate multiple standalone advertisements on one small screen.

Show guests the time and location for upcoming meetings at your hotel or resort

Provide wayfinding maps, directions and room listings from the lobby

Promote value-added services like room upgrades and loyalty programs

Display welcome messages for conferences and Large group events

Congratulate valued guests on their birthday, anniversary, or other special date

Let customers know about your on-site restaurant, gift shop, etc.

Deliver a hotel info channel, ``barker`` channel or in-house TV network to guestrooms

Show training videos and safety tips to employees

Reduce the load on your front desk staff

Provide guests with current weather and news information

Display emergency messages and alerts

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!