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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about our digital signage products and services.

How is Bigidea Digital Signs different from other digital signage products?

Keeping things simple is our #1 goal. We don’t overwhelm you with lots of confusing options. The pricing is simple too, without any recurring costs. The system arrives ready-to-use with hardware, software and content. Just hook it up to a screen and you’re good to go. You get all the flexibility you need. Update your content when you’re at the screen, or change content from anywhere using your web browser. Show one big image at a time, or split the screen into zones. It’s up to you.

What sizes projects are digital signage for?

There is no limit to how many systems you can use, since the core technology is the same as our small and large signage projects. 1 screen or 100 screens.. we can help you design the system that works for you.

How do I place an image on my new Digital Signage system?

There are several ways to change your signage. We have systems that work using simple usb or sd memory cards. We also have systems that can be updated over the internet. Once you place the new content on the memory card place the system will automatically find all of your images and begin displaying them. You can place pictures or videos on the memory card and the system will play the new content.

What other equipment or software do I need to use my ``Digital Sign`` product?

We will provide everything you need to run your new system. We produce turn key systems.

Does the ``Digital Sign`` need to be connected to a phone line or network?

Standalone systems do not need a network connection. Our network systems allow you to update the systems without having to touch the systems.

Can I change information on the ``Digital Sign`` remotely over the internet?

You can change information remotely over the internet with our network products. Our “Standalone” products are not networked, you can update the standalone systems by changing the files on the sd memory card.

What kind of content can you show?

Video: High-definition (HD/HDTV) video formats including 480p, 720p, and 1080i/p. Usually, these have strange names like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H.264/AVC), AVI, Quicktime, and Windows Media (WMV). Images: Standard web formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG Live TV from your cable box, satellite receiver, DVD player, antenna, etc. Websites and web pages Tickers and crawls using RSS or text feeds and clock

What about PowerPoint presentations?

To show PowerPoint files , you’ll need to convert them to a movie or JPEG format.

Can you play sound from the system?

Yes. Just make sure to buy some speakers (ideally the kind that are built-in to your screen) and an audio cable (the one you want is called a “mini stereo audio cable”). The systems have an HDMI out so if your TV has an HDMI in then you will hear the audio from the movie file.

Can you split or rotate the screen?

Sure, you can run content full screen, split the screen into zones, and rotate it for vertical/portrait mounting Each zone can show any type of content, including multiple videos, pictures, animation and text files, and tickers at once Switch from zones to full screen mode on-the-fly to highlight your most important messages

What type of screen or display can you use?

Our Digital Signage systems will work with virtually any screen (including LCD/LED , plasma TVs and computer monitors) as long as the screen meets the following requirements

If the screen is described as a ``Monitor``, it needs:

VGA or HDMI port on the back (we recommend HDMI). That’s it. There are no other requirements, since monitors are designed for this sort of thing. So when you have a choice, go with a monitor.

If the screen is described as a ``TV``, ``HDTV``, or ``Television``, it

needs: DVI or HDMI port on the back (we recommend HDMI). Support for standard HD resolutions like 720p or 1080p. Some indication that it can show a computer signal, usually identified by terms like this: PC Input, PC Video Input, PC Interface, PC Mode, PC Compatible, or Computer Resolutions. You can also use Digital signage systems with an LED billboard if the billboard supports a VGA or HDMI input, or you can use a hardware scaler or image processor to convert the signal.

What if you already have a screen installed?

As long as it meets the requirements above, no problem. Our systems are a nice step-up for people that currently have a screen connected to a DVD player or cable/satellite TV. By switching to Bigidea Digital systems, you’ll be able to update your content without the hassle of swapping out DVDs. Plus, you can still show live TV on part of the screen, if you like.

Can you connect it to more than one screen?

Yes, you can use an HDMI “splitter” to connect multiple screens to one unit. In order for this to work, all of the screens have to be the exact same make and model. If you can’t get identical screen models, you should look for screens that support the same HD resolution (either 720p or 1080p) — but there’s still no guarantee that a setup with different screen models will behave properly. Also, when you’re using more than one screen on the same system, remember that all the screens will be showing the same content. If you want different content on each screen, you will need to purchase additional systems.

Can you turn the screen on and off automatically?

Yes, most modern monitors have a built in sleep timer that will shut off the monitor at a specified time.

Do you need a network or Internet connection at the site?

The systems come in 2 versions. Standalone and Networkable. If you choose the networkable unit then you will need an internet connection at the unit. Internet access is not required for the system work.

Does it work with wireless networks or cellular modems?


Can I update your screens from another location?

Yes, the systems can be updated remotely as long as you have internet access at both the system and at the remote location.

Can you view the screen remotely?

Yes, if you want to do this we can install an IP camera at the unit so you can view what is playing on the screen.

Do you need any special equipment to show live TV on the screen?

Yes, but you probably have some of it already. In general, you’ll need video and audio cables to connect your video source to the system. Also we sell a seperate component that will allow you to view live TV through you digital signage system

Where does the content come from?

You can use programs like Powerpoint or Keynote to create your content. Also there is a program called Flypaper that can help create motion graphics. You can hire a designer or ad agency. We at Bigidea can create the motion graphics advertising for you Use programs like Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver to create content

What content management features does it have?

Show content full-screen or in multiple zones, and switch back and forth on-the-fly Create playlists using a drag-and-drop editor Control the start/end date, start/end time, and days of the week for every file Display any combination of recorded video, still images, Create dynamic tickers/crawls using RSS or text feeds

How much content can it hold?

Over 8 hours of content

Can you use it for interactive kiosks?

Yes, This allows people to interact with your web-based application using the touchscreen, e.g. to learn about your products and services or sign up for your newsletter.

Are software updates included?