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Bigidea Digital's Communication Platform for Gaming Organizations

Bigidea Digital’s Communication Platform for Gaming Organizations

Most gaming organizations are experienced with digital signage and are familiar with how digital media can help drive revenue. However, the majority of gaming properties and casinos have multiple systems to control their digital media that operate independent of one another. De-centralized communications can be difficult to maintain, and even more difficult to coordinate branding and messaging consistency throughout your property. You need something that is powerful enough to drive all of your digital media, while offering flexibility and efficiency for your organization. BID’s digital communication solution is capable of handling all of the diverse and complex needs of gaming operations. With multiple integration options available for leading slot machine interfaces, player loyalty tracking, poker waiting rooms and sales and conference scheduling, BID’s digital communication solution gives you a powerful and reliable solution to centrally manage your entire digital media portfolio.

What are the Benefits of BID’s Digital Communication Platform?

BID’s digital communication platform gives you the means to control all onsite digital media with one centralized and user-friendly system. With industry-leading data integration capabilities and powerful wayfinding functionality, BID’s system can benefit your organization by:

Centralizing the management of all digital communication

Offering integrations to support all of your existing back-end data systems

Handling multiple input devices

Offering custom-built applications developed specifically for gaming organizations and their operations

With Digital Signage Bigidea, you can:

Reach customers from the moment they enter your lobby

Promote new games and special offers

Tell customers about loyalty programs

Show maps to the most popular games and meeting areas

Provide information about upcoming events

Highlight recent jackpot winners

Encourage customers to visit your affiliated restaurants and hotels

Display welcome messages for Large groups and special events

Show training and safety videos for employees

Quickly broadcast emergency alerts to customers and employees

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!