Banks & Bank Branches

Keeping Customers and Vistors Educated and Engaged

Most bank visitors spend at least some time waiting around – either in pre-arranged areas, the teller line, or even at the teller window itself. Large and small, more banks throughout the world are turning to digital signage to help connect with customers while they wait.

Advertise loan programs, investment accounts, and other banking products

Keep visitors engaged with news, sports, and stock updates

Promote your bank's presence in the community by highlighting successful business loans and charitable efforts

Increase bottom line numbers by selling ad space to mortgage companies, financial advisors, and other third parties

Count on People Receiving Your Message

According to a 2007 consumer awareness survey, digital signage draws more attention than other common communications mediums. More adults (63%) said digital signage catches their attention than any form of media, including billboards, magazines, internet and mobile phone advertising, television, newspapers, and radio A clear majority of adults (53%) said digital signage was the most interesting way to receive information More than half of the critical 18-24 year-old demographic reported being more inclined to make a purchase after seeing advertisements on digital signage

Streamline Operations and Market More Effectively

Digital signage substitutes the cost and inconvenience of traditional marketing materials like banners and poster boards for an impressive-looking display that uses less space and can cycle through many messages at once.

Use Bigidea Digital Signage to:

Inform customers about loans, investment accounts, and other banking products

Show news updates or live TV to reduce perceived waiting times

Display current rate information in your lobby

Promote the ways that your bank or credit union gives back to the community

Show training videos and messages from the home office

Display real-time performance dashboards (e.g. for call center staff)

Deliver emergency alert messages

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!