Digital Signage

Increased traffic and revenues. Entertained & informed customers.

Better Results, More Revenue, Return Customers

Bigidea has taken its technology and sign experience to create an all-inclusive digital signage system. The system includes everything you need, all the hardware, all the software, all the creative content and support and installation. Whether a single sign or a giant network. Bigidea will bring your ideas to life. Our expertise is now yours.

Imagine changing your advertising message on 100 displays at the press of a button, at no cost. Now that’s advertising power!

Digital Signs are flat panel TVs or Computers display monitors used to replace and enhance traditional static signs.
Digital Signs are used in Public Places such as Malls, Museums, Schools, Restaurants, Medial Offices and Retail Point of Sale.
With Digital Signage you can advertise your message using dynamic moving videos and digital pictures that will captivate your audience.
The advantages of digital signage include the ability to update content fast and economically,
And the ability to deliver specific messages to target audiences in any location.

With Professional service and great pricing, Bigidea will help you expose your business.
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Businesses can create instant profit centers by selling advertising time on their digital signs to customers or suppliers.
Customers purchase products advertised on digital signs.
No other advertising medium offers you as many ways to reach customers like Digital Signage.

What can you show on a Bigidea Digital Signage Network?

Tell customers about special offers and promotions
Keep customers and employees informed about upcoming events
Entertain customers in your waiting room to make the wait seem shorter
Help visitors get to their destination by providing maps and directions
Ensure quality service by broadcasting employee training and safety videos

Current Sales

Current Promotions

Branding Commercials

Similar products in different departments

Upcoming Specials and Sales

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Bigidea can provide Proof-of-play reports and other monitoring.

Digital signage networks are Largely automated and remotely controlled, you can launch a new communications campaign 24/7 with zero courier costs, no on-site personnel requirements, and total security. Bigidea Digital Signage networks can also include interactive capabilities. What does that mean, exactly? Touch screens and other interactive devices enable your customer to fully engage in the communications experience, as well as providing valuable marketing data.

The results? Increased traffic and revenues. Entertained & informed customers. Lower content production costs, improved message consistency and “compliance”, and faster time to market.