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Religious Institutions Maximizing Impact with Digital Signage

Religious Institutions Maximizing Impact with Digital Signage

Churches, synagogues, and other religious venues are also leveraging the power of digital signage to better communicate with parishioners and develop more advanced outreach platforms.

Create 21st century church bulletins that can be displayed anywhere in your building

Spread messages from local and national religious leaders in a format that is prominently displayed for parishioners

Increase vocal participation in the repetition of prayers and common hymns by using digital signs to post words and lyrics in real time

Make logistical information like seating and service times more accessible

Ideal for building entrances and other common spaces, digital signage can also help religious organizations communicate more casually with their members.

Post relevant scriptural passages in widely-accessed locations

Display biographical information and photographs of parish leaders – or average parishioners – in a visually appealing format. If you are church that already has this sort of feature on your website, digital signage presents another opportunity to use it and reach more people. Tell the story of your institution – and the people who come together within it.

Highlight the civic engagement of your organization. Many religious venues are active in their communities and are engaged frequently with local charitable efforts – take advantage of another opportunity to communicate this as powerfully as possible.

Diverse Applications for Diverse Organizations

Digital signage can serve the needs of a wide variety of religious entities – with a low-cost, HD display:

Catholic parishes continue to adjust to changes in the language of common prayers within the Mass. Use digital signage to help get your parishioners up to speed.

Many suburban churches entertain hundreds of parishioners at a time, every single Sunday. Strategically position display boards to insure that churchgoers throughout the building can see and hear what your preacher has to say.

Mvix digital signage systems can display information in real-time but are easy to program from one central computer. Regardless of your content, it will be shown in high-quality and have a clean, impressive look to it.

Give clarity to your patrons

Digital signs help reduce confusion among those attending, as you can convey a variety of pertinent information in both an active or passive manner.

Display times for services

Show seating layouts

Display service schedules

Show updates regarding building occupancies

Enhance the religious experience

In a spiritual setting, the little things make all the difference. Background music can be scheduled to play alongside songs. Vocal tracks can accompany prayer recitations. Images can be paired with various readings to provide visual representations of the spoken word. This helps to grab the attention of those around you add to an all-around immersive experience. The religious experience can be heightened with digital signage in nearly every way imaginable. “Very satisfied with the setup and operation. Been running for over 2 months now. Zero downtime and everything working perfectly.” – Amazon Customer Review

Communicate with members and visitors using digital church signage

Broadcast live and pre-recorded video sermons throughout your sites

Show calendars of upcoming events and deliver the latest announcements in the lobby

Display maps and directions for visitors

Highlight your involvement in the community

Promote reasons to join or donate to the organization

Send out emergency alerts when needed

Extend your messages to screens in satellite locations

Deliver training and safety content to staff and volunteers

Show videos and other content from your website or archives

Provide recognition to current sponsors and donors

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!