Public Government Facilities

Improving Internal Communication!

Improving Internal Communication!

Use a single digital signage solution to communicate important information in your public spaces. Digital signage can efficiently guide visitors and guests through your buildings to their destination using interactive building maps, daily schedules, and emergency alerts. Through dynamic integration with your back-end systems, digital signage provides you with one centralized solution to control all of your visual communication.

Whether you need digital signage for a single building lobby or an entire government property, the signage solution can span from a single display to thousands of signs. With built-in data integration, you can seamlessly provide event/meeting schedules and building directory information while eliminating paper signage all together. Utilize the wayfinding feature for building and campus maps to easily direct visitors and staff throughout your location and connected government buildings.

Digital signage is an impressive addition to any location that eliminates the large amount of manual work needed to update static signs and provide visitors with directions to their destination. Automate the process by using digital signage to provide building directories, event schedules, property mapping, and emergency alerts.

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Maintain real-time communication with visitors and staff inside libraries, government offices, courthouses, town halls, community centers, and other public buildings

Communicate with staff inside restricted locations such as army bases and remote military installations

Provide wayfinding maps for visitors in the lobby

Show calendars and bulletin boards with upcoming events, important deadlines, changes in law, etc.

Display public service announcements

Broadcast live or pre-recorded town meetings, hearings, and other important sessions

Show pictures or videos of how tax dollars are being put to work to achieve community goals

Deliver training and safety information to employees and volunteers

Display emergency alerts and other time-sensitive messages

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!