LED Display Signs

Led Display Signs

Led Display Signs

Bigidea Digital’s software creates dynamic and attractive outdoor digital signage that will capture the attention of any passerby. Outdoor digital signs are popping up everywhere; don’t miss your chance to be an early adopter. With Bigidea Digital’s software, all information for your outdoor digital billboards or digital signs is managed in one location and can be quickly and easily updated. On just one digital sign you can have dozens of messages or advertisements rotating instead of just one on a traditional outdoor sign. Plus, you’ll be able to change your messages based on the time of day and traffic patterns; coffee ads in the morning and restaurant ads during the evening rush. Outdoor digital signage has proven to be extremely profitable for outdoor advertising companies around the world. Bigidea Digital’s software eliminates the need to print, distribute, and maintain static signs each time your content changes, saving you costly printing and distribution fees. Deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience consistently at every location and make real-time adjustments to stay ahead of your competition. Led Display signs come in numerous shapes and sizes but the main categories break down to the following:

Full Motion LED Signs

Our full color LED signs are without doubt the most eye-catching and versatile signs you can have for your business. You can display photo realistic graphics, run gorgeous animations and even display full motion video on many of the models. If you really want to make a true marketing impact for your business, the full color LED sign is what you need. Signs range from having the ability to display millions of colors Resolutions of the LED signs range up to almost HD quality viewing Program any animation, message and video on your sign to showcase your products and services to your potential customers who pass by every day We offer many sizes of the full color LED signs, please talk to your Bigidea Digital representative to determine the best size and location for your business The software that comes with the sign makes changing your daily messages quick and easy.

LED Scrolling Screens

These outdoor LED sign (or electronic message center) is the perfect way to communicate with those passing by your business each day. These LED signs are primarily used for text messages and simple graphics depending on the model and aspect ratio of your sign. Having the ability to change your LED message sign’s message every day (or every several times a day) tells your community and potential customers that you’re an active business, with new things going on all the time. They look forward to seeing your sign to see what’s happening every day. We can custom order outdoor LED signs from the very small to billboard size signs. Contact Bigidea Digital to determine the most appropriate size for your business location.

Video Walls

There are 2 types of technology used for Video Walls.

1. LCD screens – Very high resolution and sharp. This technology can be viewed up close and the image is super sharp. LCD Tend to be used more for indoor applications. You will see a seam of the monitor frame between each monitor.

2. LED Panels- Used for indoor and outdoor applications. Mostly used outdoor due to the resolution up close is not as sharp as LCD monitor. Newer technology is available now that has higher resolution for interior LED video walls