Trade Shows & Conferences

Trade Show Digital Signage Solutions

Bigidea digital signage is perfect for trade shows. Use the Digital Signage to display information about your company at your booth and promote tradeshow specials. Our pedestal products make it easy to use our equipment anywhere in the facility. Trade show event managers can use the Digital Signage to sell advertising to vendors and place these signs throughout the event.

Content is very easy to create. Our Digital Signage products can display JPEG images and MPEG videos. Most of our customers are using Microsoft PowerPoint to create still ads. Then you simply export all the slides from PowerPoint to JPEG’s and copy them over to the memory card using your computer.

Our wall mount systems are ideal behind the main lobby desk or in a high traffic flow area. Utilize our larger 37″ and 42″ Digital Signs mounted permanently to the wall. Combine this with our network player upgrade and change the content from the convenience of your desk without having to physically swap out the memory card at the digital sign. Our network player also has scrolling message capability so you can utilize that feature for emergency situations. This network device even has a USB thumb drive override feature to use content in an emergency situation (amber alerts, closings, etc.).

Show product demonstrations and testimonials

Create messages that are tailored to each show Deliver information on additional products that you aren't exhibiting

Collect leads at the show and let customers sign up for your newsletter

Keep attendees informed about current news and events

Generate revenue by selling screen time to exhibitors, if you're a convention center owner or trade show operator

Do all of this at an affordable price — with a no-risk free trial!