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According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the international football (soccer) association, “Although there are some controls by football and stadium authorities on the extent of instant replays of the events during a match, there is a strong public demand for as many replays as possible. This is a primary reason why any stadium which aspires to be classed as a modern, upmarket venue must equip itself with the latest and most sophisticated means of electronic video communication with the public.” This growing demand for digital screens reflects the many benefits digital signage brings to the sports arena, as well as the increasing size of sports venues. Stadiums hosting thousands of people require large high impact multi-displays to engage the audience, communicate relevant information and create a unique viewer experience. Stadium managers increasingly expect digital signage to be a central part of the spectator experience. In addition, today’s sports franchise owners and stadium managers know they’re competing for the customer’s attention and are willing to invest more money and attention than ever before in creating a complete, memorable experience in every event. More and more stadiums understand that broadcasting the game is not enough, and that advertising has become a great source of revenue.

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