How It Works

What Powers our Digital Signage Solutions?

System Overview

The Bigidea Signage Network is a digital signage solution made up of hardware and software systems that create a signage network to display advertisements and images n digital displays inside your organization. The Bigidea Signage Network can work with Plasma and LCD and LED screens, TV screens and LCD projectors for front and rear projector displays.

Advertising content such as pictures and moving video can be updated on the fly from a remote station and broadcast immediately to audiences regardless of location.

Bigidea Signage Media Player works with any TV screen that can support component video , VGA and HDMI inputs. The systems can display full motion graphics at 1080p resolution.

The screen content can be devided into zones. Watch live video in one area of the screen and display advertising message and content in another area of the screen at the same time.

The systems has Day Parting technology.

With Day parting you have the ability setup when the content can be played. For example if you have a restaurant and you have 3 menus to display, a breakfast menu, a lunch menu an d a dinner menu. The system can be setup so it plays the breakfast menu from 7am-10am, the lunch menu from 11am-4pm and the dinner menu from 4pm to 10pm. All of this happens automatically.

We provide everything you need … We will provide you with All the hardware & software Planning & Site survey Installations and Support Creative Content Creation Remote Content Management Sponsored advertisement Software Updates On-site Training

Maximum Uptime

The Bigidea Media Player uses a “pull-forward” technology. All content resides on the player before it plays.. NO Streaming. This way when the internet is deconnected your player will keep playing your content.
New content is pulled down when the internet goes back online.
“No more blank screens!”

Simple Turnkey Solutions The Bigidea Digital Signage system Easy as 1 2 3 … 1. Connect power to the player 2. Connect it to your display 3. You digital content begins to play. and your up and running

Basic System Standalone System

The basic digital signage system offers one stand-alone media player, this media player offers the most basic features such as being able to play .mov files, .jpg images and most standard file formats. a true plug and play system. no networking capabilities.
like all of Bigidea Digital’s systems the Basic System supports full high resolution 1080p. Maximum Uptime, comes with Everything Covered and is backed by Bigidea digitals experts to provide support and service

Basic Networkable System
The basic networkable system offers everything that the basic system offers and then some! this system is capable of simple user updates from a local machine and operates off of your local network. this system would be perfect for someone who wants to edit there own content and may be using multiple media players on multiple screen across a local network

Advanced Networkable System

This Advanced Networkable System is truly the most advanced system, the media player is connected to the internet and is easily updated from any computer that is connected to the network, this solution is optimum for someone who has digital signage at more than one location, or for someone who wants to be able to update there system from any location at any time.

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Basic System Standalone System

Bigidea Digital is the leader in Digital Menu technology and we are prepared to serve your needs. We are living in an era where technology is changing so quickly that it is only a matter of time before all menus are enhanced with this technology. Why not consider replacing traditional fixed menus and old-fashioned backlit boards with large high-definition LCD screens to feature delicious food and beverage menu options, customized welcome messages, daily specials, retail merchandise, and even media buying opportunities? Displayed on large flat-LCD screen, digital menus will help drive food and beverage sales by adapting the menu content automatically at different times of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and by featuring different menu items or pricing based on customer demographics. Content and pricing are conveniently controlled from your corporate offices or locally by management. Our web-based technology also enables management of your digital menu from anywhere in the world, and allows us to fully support international expansion.

In addition to dynamic and engaging menu options, digital signage can feature live or recorded video, images and animation, and live data feeds such as news and weather. Menu boards can be fully customized to enhance and complement any theme or décor and can be integrated into existing POS systems.
With minimal support of your vendors and/or your neighboring businesses, your investment can go from the expense side of the ledger to the income side of the ledger very quickly Digital menus also represent an excellent branding and revenue-sharing opportunity for both your company and your franchisees/licensees.

We combine Bigidea Digital’s creative power with our vast knowledge of how to use the restaurant and retail environments as an effective advertising medium, resulting in a powerful, appealing and motivating offering that engages, entertains and ultimately influences consumers, which will in turn build equity in your brand and increase sales. We also have our own in-house software and hardware and provide all the necessary training as well as ongoing technical and media sales support.

Some of the advantages of digital menu boards include:

State-of-the-art graphics, animations and video with dynamic pricing capabilities

Ability to promote up-selling of bundles and new menu items

Increased revenue per customer

Content updates delivered via the Internet

Local, regional and network-wide price/menu changes available via the web

Matinee/evening menus can be automatically changed based on time of day, day of week, or special event